Five Things to Know Before Living in a Condo

a tropical condo

City dwellers often have a few choices when it comes to housing. The conventional houses are located far from the business spots, and the facilities in the apartments are just not enough. If you are in that state of mind now, your option is more likely to go for a condo. But first, take a look at the suites at Edenbridge Kingsway condominiums to get a picture of how condo living is going to be for you. We’ll discuss the details below.

You’ll Be Pampered with Amenities

a large swimming poolOne thing that makes a condo different from a typical apartment unit is its facilities. Apartments do not normally include gym membership, swimming pool access, or a whole area dedicated to a jogging place for the tenants. On the other hand, condos have all of those. Even more, some condos are adjacent to a mall. You can go to movies, shop for new clothes, or get to the club as soon as you step out of the door. Now that’s something you can’t get from the conventional house, can you?

The Upkeep Is Relatively Reasonable

Compared to building a swimming pool and keeping it clean all seasons, buying a condo unit that has a swimming pool facility makes much more sense. The management will take care of it for you. All you need is to pay the upkeep fees, and you can use the pool anytime you want. This same rule applies to other amenities.

It’s a Shared Ownership

A condo unit will cost you more than three or five apartment units because you are going to own the facilities too. Therefore, you should not be worried about surprise changes in the condo building. Any improvements or downgrades will not be executed without the approval of all the condo owners.

However, since the condos are owned by multiple parties, you can’t modify your room as you please. There will be guidelines for improvements that are allowed and the ones that are forbidden. This can be either an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your perspective.

The Value Will be Relatively Stable

stacked coins and paper moneyUnless the government repurposes the whole district in which the condo is built, value depreciation rarely occurs. First, the limitation of improvements makes all the condo units fit a particular standard, which later keeps the value of one condo approximately the same as the others. Second, most condos are built in commercial areas. And only catastrophic events or official mandates that can shut such a place down.

Moreover, unlike apartments, you won’t need any complicated paperwork if you want to rent your unit. A condo is truly the best choice as both an investment and a place to live.

Living in a Condo Is Way Safer

With the security in operation 24/7, you will surely be protected from crimes. You do not need to install the security system by yourself. And an officer will always be there in case any bad scenarios happen.

Besides, condos also have secured parking lot. You don’t have to worry about space or maintaining the driveways for your car. They’re all included.…